EP: 57 – Finding Self-Awareness with Suzanne Heyn

Finding Self-Awareness

This week the guys interview Suzanne Heyn known as the modern yogi who is a captivating spiritual advisor, yoga instructor and writer for the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green as well as her website ModernYogi.today.

Rob, Jeff and Suzanne delve right into discussing how we to cope with anxiety. As a personal example of how small changes can make a big difference, Suzanne shares that she has a mild iPhone addiction (oh, don’t we all?), which has lowered her sleep quality. Suzanne says that by limiting phone usage at night, she gets better sleep and is well rested to tackle the next morning. Suzanne provides an interesting perspective when she explains that anxiety can actually work as clue to better understand the bigger issues in our lives such as poor eating, lack of exercise, or lack of rest.

Suzanne divulges her diverse journey, telling us about her struggle with cancer that eventually lead her to Kundalini Yoga and ultimately her successful career today.

Today’s episode is full of practical/easy to do strategies that can help anyone get through their hectic day more smoothly. Suzanne provides us with dynamic and useful wisdom from her favorite online yoga classes to how to squeeze in guilt free breaks more regularly. This interview is perfect for anyone who struggles with learning to prioritize, managing stress, or obtaining self-awareness.

Ultimately, this interview reminds us all that, “the purpose of life is to enjoy it.”

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