A look back on 100 podcast episodes

A Look Back on 100 Episodes-Ep. 100


This week’s Open Sky Fitness Podcast was extra special as Alek Lev and Jeff Meacham joined Rob for our 100th episode!! Alek and Jeff were there with Rob from the very beginning and they’ve taken the 100th podcast as a great opportunity to look at their own health and fitness progress over the last three years up to now.

Thank you all for listening to our episodes and especially those of you who have been with us since the very beginning back in the Fall of 2013! We’re very proud of our milestone and for being able to help you become a healthier you. By  interviewing excellent guests on the show and by providing you with the best information about fitness and nutrition, we’ve all learned a lot over the years about good health.

Some of our favorite topics included Paleo, Time Mangament, Importance of Health, and The New York Times article about The Biggest Loser.

A blast from the past, here’s our first podcast episode! Ep.1-Introducing the Open Sky Fitness Podcast: http://openskyfitness.com/podcast/introducing-the-open-sky-fitness-podcast/

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What You’ll Hear on This Episode

0:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:14  Opening Remarks by Rob, Alek, and Jeff

2:48 What’s life like now for Rob, Alek, and Jeff?

3:50  How did the Open Sky Fitness podcast get started? What have you taken away from the podcast?

9:30  Alek’s mission to fit in a job, family, and his workouts.

13:40  How to fit in a great workout  with a home gym and when you just have 10 minutes.

16:30  How to create a challenging workout with a time limit.

19:18  Where Jeff’s at now with his life.

20:10  All about taking propisa for men: fighting prostate cancer, keeping hair, and side effects.

30:50  How Jeff sought out help to lose weight by using the Garmin Vívofit heart rate monitor.

32:40  What Jeff’s doing to begin losing weight and his focus on his health.

35:30  How cookies and other sweets can effect our health. What happens to our insulin and triglycerides to process sugar?

38:52  The psychological factor of looking for a reason to workout to be healthy. The importance of having your own mental mindset and understanding WHY you want to be healthy.

45:00  Rob’s progression as a podcast host and memorable moments.

59:04  Closing Remarks by Rob, Alek, and Jeff.

1:01:20  Open Sky Fitness Closing


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