Ep. 41 – Uncovering the Secrets of the Meat Industry with David Maren

Secrets of the Meat Industry

What does it really mean when a chicken is labeled cage-free, free-range or pasture-raised? Why does processed chicken contain so much water? How can you decipher the dizzying array of organic, non-GMO labels on meats at your local grocery store?

Today we’ve invited David Maren to help make our shopping experience a lot less confusing.

About David Maren and Tendergrass Farms

Maren grew up a rebel in a vegetarian family. At age 12, he started building mobile chicken pens and getting involved in alternative forms of meat production. After marrying into a family of farmers in Virginia, he founded “Tendergrass Farms” to form a bridge between family farmers and food enthusiasts.

Tendergrass is now a cooperative network and distribution channel for family-owned farms who raise their meat the traditional way: on the pasture, grass-fed, with no antibiotics or growth hormones.

In this interview with Open Sky Fitness, David talks about why “cage-free” is a meaningless label for poultry, why chickens should eat worms and how he built an organic empire.

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