George Rausch – Week 7

If I tell you I had a big week, would you believe me? This kind of stuff happens to people all the time and you probably don’t realize how a stressful week can gravely affect your eating and overall health. When you’re programmed to diet and exercise six days a week, it becomes very, very apparent. It’s a domino effect: Not eating properly has led me to not sleeping well which in turn leads me to wake up tired and not workout as hard and sometimes even causes me to feel excessive strain/pain after a workout which in turn makes the next workout even harder.

I had a great meeting with Devon this week (in case you’re just tuning in, she works with me on nutrition) and we discussed the other half of feeling well and losing weight: emotional well-being. We discussed my “Circle of Life” (see graphic to the left). If you were to divide your life into slices and then draw a curved line within that slice in relation to how positively you felt, it will show you what areas need the most improvement in your life. Ideally, you want all of the little lines to connect to make a whole circle (hence the name of this diagram). All of these elements are intertwined and affect each other. As you can see from my personal assessment of my life, creativity is the most lacking of all my slices. Right now, I’m currently struggling to create new ideas and do creative things (whether that is shooting video, photography, or performing… to name a few things that I used to do regularly). What we came up with was that I needed to schedule time into my life to spend time creating again. Literally I have to marked it on my calendar. I have basically blocked my time completely up without making time for something that my soul greatly needs. It’s not really creative to have to pencil in “creative time”, but it has to start again some how.


Over the past week, I continued to maintain my new weight of 170 pounds without any further weight loss. I’d attribute this to spending an entire weekend eating from restaurants and then having a stressful week with bouts of acid reflux three days in a row. But my strength continues to grow. When I walk now, I can feel the muscles on my sides and back move with me. So far, this whole process has been really relaxing, but real life is starting to creep into my six day a week regime and has been giving me a little bit of grief. I have a good feeling about this coming week, so I’ll chalk this past week’s issues with a lot going on.


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