Leslie Durso: How to Add Vegetables to Your Diet – Ep. 19

Leslie Durso: How to Add Vegetables to Your Diet


The Lowdown on Eating Vegetables

If you’re not already munching on something healthy right now, you’re going to be making a salad by the end of this episode! Leslie Durso, a vegan chef featured in the pages of People, MAXIM, Glamour and VegNews, shared a ton of motivating advice with us about embarking on an herbivorous diet. Leslie first became vegan at age 8 and she is so cool, funny and charming in this episode, she’s like a walking advertisement for eating your veggies. Listen to find out:

• Which foods you must ensure are organic vs. which foods you can let slide.
• How to eat healthy on-the-go.
• What happens to your body when you begin caring about what you’re feeding it.


Connect with Leslie

Follow Leslie on Twitter to find out when you can take her FREE cooking class at Whole Foods on Fairfax and 3rd (in LA) this September. She’ll also be giving a live food demo at the Green Festival in Los Angeles on September 12th.


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Leslie Durso, vegan chef extraordinaire

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