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Ep: 56 – Learn to Embrace Chaos in Your Life with Ed O’Keefe

Today’s guest, Ed O’Keefe is an Entrepreneur, Author, and most importantly Father of 7 (all under the age of 10). Ed has gone from being dead broke to cracking the code of starting and taking multiple businesses from zero to multiple 7 and even 8 figures.

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Ep. 55 How To Get The 30 Second Body with Adam Rosante

In today’s hectic world, we all seem to be searching for the same thing: a well-balanced healthy lifestyle. This episode’s guest Adam Rosante is one of America’s favorite Wellness and Fitness Experts.

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Ep. 54 – How to Healthfully Eat Takeout with Russ Crandall, author of Paleo Takeout

Our guest for this episode is Russ Crandall, author of two amazing Paleo cookbooks, as well as a gluten-free and Paleo-friendly food blogger. Russ tells us how after persevering through some major health issues, medications, and surgeries by the age of 27, he discovered the benefits of a Paleolithic, or Paleo Diet.

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Ep. 53- Health and Fitness Secrets with Celebrity Trainer Joel Harper

In this week’s episode we have celebrity trainer Joel Harper joining us! Aside from his new book Mind Your Body, available now and everywhere, Joel has been customizing simple workouts for 18 years and his techniques are known for producing fast results.

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Ep. 52-Interview with American Gladiator and Ninja Warrior Evan Dollard

Rob and Jeff delve into a topic we are all familiar with—body image. The guys discuss how our views on looking “fit” have changed through the use different social media platforms. Rob brings up the point that a person can be qualified as physically fit if they look the part, but should we base fitness of more than just a great Instagram selfie? Well, yes. It’s important to do more than just look the part.

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