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Ep. 51 – Learning Parkour with Dan Edwardes

Rob and Jeff start us off by divulging some common injury issues we’ve all felt, no matter what our physical routines entail. They share with us funky personal stories along with tips and tricks to avoid mishaps and to make your body stronger.

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Ep. 50 – Mike Bledsoe’s Secret to Success and Happiness

On todays show Rob chats with Mike Bledsoe who is the CEO and host of Barbell Shrugged, as well as the co-host of Barbell Business.Mike has been referred to as “the Steve Jobs of the barbell world,”and in this episode Mike gives us an inside look on how he has grown his business brand.

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Ep. 49 – Kicking Your Fat in the Nuts with T.C. Hale

KICKING YOUR FAT IN THE NUTS: THE POWER OF NUTRITION Why is it so easy for some people to lose weight, while others fail over and over again? The truth is that success depends not just on willpower, but also on the quality of bacteria in your gut! “In 70% of obese cases, at the…

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Ep. 48 – Metabolic Workouts, Sleep Hacks and Setting Attainable Goals

Fitness Goals Metabolic Workouts, Sleep Hacks, and Goals Today’s show is all about the fitness goals we have and how we’re going about achieving them. From metabolics works to sleep hacks, to seeting goals, to reducing body fat to building lean muscle, we’ve got you covered here. We also discuss: -How to deal with hot…

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Ep. 47: Mark Bell: Bad Ass Power Lifter

BECOMING A BAD ASS POWER LIFTER On today’s show, we talked to Mark Bell, the founder of Super Training Gym, Power Magazine and inventor of the Sling Shot. Mark is a former professional wrestler. He began lifting weights at age 11 and entered into powerlifting when he was 13. He has lifted 1,025lb squat, a…

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