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Ep. 43 – Owen Harrison Talks Bodybuilding Workouts and Nutrition

Workout and Eat like Owen Harrison Bodybuilding twins and international fitness stars Owen and Lewis Harrison have competed with each other from an early age. They’ve lived together, trained together and have even bought the same exercise supplements. “Did you ever try to sabotage each other? Like put powder in your brothers’ drink to make him…

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Burpee Challenge

This is a workout that we’ve been doing in class for the last couple years and wanted to share it with all of you. It’s called the Burpee Challenge! You can watch the video and do it along with us, but once you know how to do it, all you’ll need is a stopwatch and…

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Ep. 4 – Is Coffee Good or Bad?

In episode 4 of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast, Rob talks about his addiction to coffee and how he snowballs from one cup a day to two to three a day, if he’s not careful.

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Crazy Leg Workout – Squat Buster!

You want to do a leg workout that requires zero weights and will crush you in less than 10 minutes? Congratulations, you’ve found it! Give this Squat Buster a try and you’ll see what we mean.

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10 Minute Full Body Workout

If you’re looking for a quick 10 or 20 minute workout and all you have are a few dumbbells and a jump rope, well look no further. This one is right up your alley!

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3 Home Circuit Workouts

Need a few full-body workouts to get change up your routine? Check out these in home circuits that are guaranteed to crush you in less then 20 minutes!

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