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Milk: Why Do We Even Need It? - Ep. 157 OPEN SKY FITNESS PODCAST

Milk: Why Do We Even Need It? – Ep. 157

  Today’s episode of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast is all about dairy, specifically on milk. Devon and I will be going to great detail about the following topics: The history of dairy and milk Why are humans consuming it The pros and cons of milk Which foods have more nutrients than milk Specific studies…

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Pan Seared Scallops

Sometimes we shy away for cooking foods that we think are too complicated or difficult to cook.  Yes, it is very easy to mess up scallops, but once you figure it out it is well worth the little bit of effort.  Good luck! INGREDIENTS 16oz Fresh Scallops Thawed1 Tbsp Olive Oil 3 Tbsp Butter or…

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Pan Seared Salmon Recipe

Don’t be afraid to cook fish tonight. Here’s a really simple Pan Seared Salmon Recipe that will wow your friends. You can’t go wrong if you use the right ingredients.

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