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What You Should Know About GMOs - Ep. 145 Open Sky Fitness Podcast

What You Should Know About GMOs – Ep. 145

Do We Actually Need GMOs?   “If France was able to decrease the amount of  pesticides and herbicides and yield the same amount of crops while the USA increased herbicides and decreased pesticides but had no increase in crop yields with GMOs, then why do we even need GMOs? Money.” – Devon Dionne   On this…

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Ep: 58- Four Pillars of Fitness with Jay Cardiello

This week’s guest Jay Cardiello, is an “Exercise is Medicine” professional who has trained numerous celebrities like 50 cent and Jennifer Lopez, professional athletes and media personalities. Jay has made appearances with Men’s Fitness, Shape Magazine, Good Morning America, The Today Show as well as the founder of JCORE and author of Cardio 4×4. Recently…

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Ep. 51 – Learning Parkour with Dan Edwardes

Rob and Jeff start us off by divulging some common injury issues we’ve all felt, no matter what our physical routines entail. They share with us funky personal stories along with tips and tricks to avoid mishaps and to make your body stronger.

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Ep. 48 – Metabolic Workouts, Sleep Hacks and Setting Attainable Goals

Fitness Goals Metabolic Workouts, Sleep Hacks, and Goals Today’s show is all about the fitness goals we have and how we’re going about achieving them. From metabolics works to sleep hacks, to seeting goals, to reducing body fat to building lean muscle, we’ve got you covered here. We also discuss: -How to deal with hot…

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Top 11 Paleo Energy Bars

Looking to find the best Paleo Bar out there? Look no further. We found our favorite 11 bars on the market and rated them from 1 to 11. Let us know you if you agree!

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Ep. 43 – Owen Harrison Talks Bodybuilding Workouts and Nutrition

Workout and Eat like Owen Harrison Bodybuilding twins and international fitness stars Owen and Lewis Harrison have competed with each other from an early age. They’ve lived together, trained together and have even bought the same exercise supplements. “Did you ever try to sabotage each other? Like put powder in your brothers’ drink to make him…

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