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Food Combining: Does It Actually Work? – Ep. 198

“Your stomach’s job is to blend different foods. That’s what it’s been designed to do. When you eat food and no matter what it is, your stomach releases the enzymes necessary to digest proteins, carbs, and starches. No matter what food order or combination you eat, your body is designed to release all enzymes that…

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Legumes and Grains_ The Proper Way to Cook Them - Ep. 196 OPEN SKY FITNESS PODCAST

Legumes and Grains: The Proper Way to Cook Them – Ep. 196

   “We know that grains and legumes are so bad for us, but how is it that there are all of these other communities that are doing so well and they eat these foods without getting sick from them?” – Devon Dionne   Grains and legumes can be super tricky to add to your diet.…

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Sally Fallon Morell: Saturated Fat is Ideal, Raw Milk Heals Ep. 69

This weeks guest, Sally Fallon Morell, founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation and A Campaign for Real Milk, talks about why butter, raw milk, and fermented foods should be a part of your diet. “There is more good bacteria in a tablespoon of sauerkraut than a whole bottle of probiotic pills”

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