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11 Ways to Create Structure for a Crazy Schedule - Ep. 164 OPEN SKY FITNESS

11 Ways to Create Structure for a Crazy Schedule – Ep. 164

Creating Structure for Your Schedule   “As an entrepreneur or a stay-at home parent, nothing gets done unless you plan it so why should your health and fitness be any different?” – Rob Dionne   On today’s episode, Devon and I are tackling the big question: How can you create a structure for your day…

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Brett Hoebel How to Create Your Own HIIT Workout - Ep. 150 Open Sky Fitness Podcast

Brett Hoebel: How to Create Your Own HIIT Workout – Ep. 150

Get Your Own Open Sky Fitness Apparel by June 1! Until this Thursday, June 1, Devon and I will be taking orders for Open Sky Fitness apparel in our online OSF Store. We have sweatshirts, tanks, and T-shirts for men and women. Get yours today!   Build a HIIT Workout and a Strong Body  …

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Zach Bitter:The Life of An Ultrarunner Open Sky Fitness Podcast

Zach Bitter: The Life of an Ultrarunner -Ep 130

  “When you get intuitive with your body, you can be honest with yourself. That honesty and intuition really have to couple together and that will be your map to help you understand where your body is going.”- Zach Bitter Join The Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group! That’s right! We have a closed Open Sky Fitness Podcast…

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Lou Schuler Strength Training Made Simple Open Sky Fitness podcast

Lou Schuler: Strength Training Made Simple-Ep 128

Join The Open Sky Fitness Podcast Facebook Page! That’s right! We have an Open Sky Fitness Podcast group where you and everyone will have the opportunity to talk about your health and fitness goals in a safe environment. We’ll be posting workouts and starting discussions about how to be strategic around finding a healthier you. Check it out!…

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Open Sky Fitness Podcast How to Build Your Own Gym Workout-Ep. 109

How to Build Your Own Gym Workout-Ep. 109

Download Results Tracker here! Click To Download Home Workout Templates or text the word, “lifting,” to 33444 to download the templates. As we announced at the beginning of the month, August is Strong People Are Awesome Month and this week we’re sharing our third week of tips. This week, Devon and I are sharing with you How…

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Ep. 44 — Jonathan Kite’s Dieting Tips for Comedians

Dieting Tips for Comedians You may know the hilarious Jonathan Kite from his role on the hit CBS show “2 Broke Girls,” in which he plays a swarthy (“don’t say sleazy!” — Jonathan) cook named Oleg. In today’s episode, Jonathan talks about how he maximizes the time he spends in the gym and what he…

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