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What You Should Know About GMOs - Ep. 145 Open Sky Fitness Podcast

What You Should Know About GMOs – Ep. 145

Do We Actually Need GMOs?   “If France was able to decrease the amount of  pesticides and herbicides and yield the same amount of crops while the USA increased herbicides and decreased pesticides but had no increase in crop yields with GMOs, then why do we even need GMOs? Money.” – Devon Dionne   On this…

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how-do-i-change- Open Sky Fitness Rob & Devon Dionne

How Do I Change?- Ep 126

Change Your Life with Healthy Habits   “The intention is not the goal. The intention has to be the thought process behind the goal. Your intention should always include being joyful; especially when we’re talking about health and improving your life. We often forget that this is a gift that we’re giving to ourselves. Being…

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vegetables and fruit in produce department

Paleo Shopping List: What Should I Buy?

If you’re considering making a switch from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to Paleo, or even just cleaning up your diet to resemble more of a paleo way of eating, the first thing you need to do is stock your kitchen so that you have the essentials on hand to set yourself up for success.…

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Kitchen Clean Out Hacks

Kitchen Clean Out Hacks-Ep. 117

To change a habit, you have to get to the source. In the case of nutrition, you first have to tackle your kitchen if you want to change things around and start eating healthy. As part of our October Nutrition Month, this week, Devon and I are sharing our favorite kitchen clean out hacks with…

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Which Popular Diet is Best For You? Open Sky Fitness Podcast

Which Popular Diet is Best for You?-Ep. 116

It’s  October and that means it’s officially Nutrition Month and today’s topic is: Which Popular Diet is Best for You? Devon and I have so much great information to share with you that we are also dedicating the month of November to talk about nutrition as well! If you have any specific questions or concerns about nutrition,…

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Open Sky Fitness Podcast How to Build and Maximize Home Workouts-ep. 108

How to Build and Maximize Home Workouts-ep. 108

Click To Download Home Workout Templates Download Results Tracker here! As we announced last week, August is Strong People Are Awesome Month and this week we’re sharing our second weeks of tips which includes how to build and maximize home workouts! At Open Sky Fitness, we believe that it’s important to create a focus on…

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How Drew Manning Went From Fit2Fat2Fit -Ep.103

Going From Fit2Fat2Fit: A Discussion of Healthy Lifestyles This week, NASM personal trainer of the Dollar Workout Club, Drew Manning, shared his Fit2Fat2Fit fitness journey. I was also joined by one of our previous guests, Josh Trent from Wellness Force Radio, to talk about the Ketogenic and Paleo diets as well as how to live a healthy lifestyle. If…

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How Tony Horton Changed the Face of Fitness

How Tony Horton Changed the Face of Fitness-Ep. 101

How Tony Horton Got His Start in Fitness You’ve probably heard of the P90, P90x, and 10 Minute Trainer  programs etc. However, you may not know the entire story of how the creator,Tony Horton, was inspired and came to devise these programs. Due to his workout programs, books, and more, he has completely changed the face of fitness as…

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