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Stephanie Paplinskie

Yes, Pregnant Women Should Workout with Stephanie Paplinskie – Ep 269

Yes, it is 100% beneficial for women to be physically active during pregnancy and that can be anything from walking to participating in different types of classes or resistance training with modifications and restrictions taken into consideration. – Stephanie Paplinskie   There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to whether or not…

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John Durant: Biohack Your Health with Paleo - Ep. 158 OPEN SKY FITNESS PODCAST

John Durant: Biohack Your Health with Paleo – Ep. 158

The Paleo Connection to Our Primal Health   “I don’t see Paleo as an end point. I see it as the starting point on a launch pad. It’s the beginning of something that works for a lot of people; especially for people who have digestive autoimmune conditions, people who have poorly explained conditions of any…

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Selene Yeager Evolution of the Fitness World Open Sky FItness

Selene Yeager: The Evolution of the Fitness World-Ep.113

What’s Happening¬†In Your Fitness World? “Life is happening to you right now; you might as well embrace it.”– Selene Yeager   Before you jump into listening to my interview with Selene Yeager about The Evolution of the Fitness World, take a moment to think about what’s going on with your own health and wellness. Are…

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