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How to Prepare for a Men's Physique

Rob is 7 weeks away from competing in the NPC Los Angeles Men’s Physique Competition. He talks about his process and what it takes to get down to 3% body fat over the next month and a half.

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Men's Physique in 8 Weeks

I’m going to spend the next 8 weeks preparing for a Men’s Physique competition. My goal is to get as ripped as possible before April 13th. Stay tuned!

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Anna Ponomarenko – Week 6

This week has been more than I think I was able handle. My god, I am emotionally and physically drained At the beginning of the week I got some horrible news about a coworker, who got in a very very bad motorcycle accident. He was hit by a car that was going 65 to 70mph. They ran…

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Extreme Warrior Maca Smoothie

We talked about Superfoods in last weeks Lunch Crunch and Devon,  the new nutritionist for Open Sky Fitness, provided this great smoothie to try from David Wolfe’s book Superfoods. The shake includes several superfoods.  Maca is a root vegetable well known for increasing energy levels and stamina, as well as improving fertility levels and physical…

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What Is The Sky Fit Challenge?

The Sky Fit Challenge is a 12 Week Life Changing Intensive Program developed by Rob Dionne, founder of Open Sky Fitness with Nutrition development by Christy Meyers, founder of How To Chow Nutrition.

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Getting Started…

Getting started is without a doubt the most important step to achieving any goal. Step one is defining your goal. Do you want to just loose a few pounds? Tone up for the summer? Live a healthy life style? All of these are legitimate goals. Most of us want all of these things to some…

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