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Barefoot vs Arch Support Shoes: Which is Better? - Ep. 162 OPEN SKY FITNESS PODCAST

Barefoot vs Arch Support Shoes: Which is Better? – Ep. 162

Why Barefoot or Arch Support Shoes? On today’s episode of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast, Devon and I are tackling the ultimate clothing question: Is it better to walk or exercise while wearing barefoot, minimal shoes are shoes with tons of arch support? Either way, why did we even begin to wear shoes in the…

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Zach Bitter:The Life of An Ultrarunner Open Sky Fitness Podcast

Zach Bitter: The Life of an Ultrarunner -Ep 130

  “When you get intuitive with your body, you can be honest with yourself. That honesty and intuition really have to couple together and that will be your map to help you understand where your body is going.”- Zach Bitter Join The Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group! That’s right! We have a closed Open Sky Fitness Podcast…

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Franz Snideman-How to Become a Sprinter

Franz Snideman: How to Become a Sprinter-Ep. 92

To become a sprinter, sometimes you have to start with the basics. Today, Rob talked to Franz Snideman who is a former collegiate sprinter and the co-owner of Revolution Fitness. Franz believes that sprinting is key to becoming healthier and stronger. Tips to Become a Sprinter Franz is an expert at running and sprinting for beginners and…

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How to Find the Right Sneaker

Consumers are faced with so many options that the task of choosing a pair of shoes has become increasingly complicated and confusing, not to mention expensive. By attaining a good working knowledge of athletic footwear, you’ll help yourself find the perfect pair of affordable shoes.

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