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Back Spasms and How to Heal Them - Ep 143 Open Sky Fitness Rob Dionne Devon Dionne

Back Spasms and How to Heal Them – Ep 143

Back Spasms and Problems 101   “Most back spasms are from either not stretching and warming up or from sitting all day. You really can’t escape back spasms. Even if you’re physically active, they’re impossible to avoid. Even for us.” – Rob and Devon Dionne   Do you find simple tasks like picking up something…

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Open Sky Fitness Podcast Michael Tamez Nutrition Tips for Your Family

Michael Tamez: Nutrition Tips For Your Family- Ep 118

  Deciding to make a change towards turning your life around by eating better, exercising more, and becoming an overall healthier you can be liberating, but also challenging. A health journey is much easier when there is someone there to support you each day. But what do you do if the people closest to you…

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Dr. Mike Young: Is Competition the Key to Success? Open Sky Fitness

Dr. Mike Young: Is Competition the Key to Success? -Ep. 114

Download the OSF Food Journal Now! “If you’re not competing; you’re not competing. Which means that if you’re not looking for an opportunity to win, then sometimes you’ll never give yourself a good chance to actually win.”– Dr. Mike Young This week, I had a great discussion with  Director of Performance and Research for Athletic…

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Episode 82: Kamal Patel on Food Myths

Guys, get your notepads for this interview with Kamal Patel, director of, who busts the “food myths” that have been confusing you for the last 30 years. A nutrition researcher with an MPH and MBA from John Hopkins University, Kamal dives into why gluten may not be the devil, why fish oils maybe overrated, and why Big Business makes it hard to maneuver through the nutrition research. He is a man who is filtering through the phony research to help you get to the truth about supplementation and what is needed versus what is a marketing scheme.

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Ep. 48 – Metabolic Workouts, Sleep Hacks and Setting Attainable Goals

Fitness Goals Metabolic Workouts, Sleep Hacks, and Goals Today’s show is all about the fitness goals we have and how we’re going about achieving them. From metabolics works to sleep hacks, to seeting goals, to reducing body fat to building lean muscle, we’ve got you covered here. We also discuss: -How to deal with hot…

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Ep. 21 – Talkin’ Sleep and Nutrition with Shawn Stevenson

Today we talked to Shawn Stevenson, author of the Amazon best-selling book “Sleep Smarter,” to find out why sleep is SO important to your health. Chances are, you’ve been doing sleep all wrong… If you’ve been waking up tired and you don’t know why, or you’ve tried but failed to curb your TV habits before bedtime,…

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