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Getting Back on Track with Your Health - Ep. 149 OPEN SKY FITNESS PODCAST

Getting Back on Track with Your Health – Ep. 149

  Start to Improve Your Health Today   “Just know that you’re doing the best that you can and be kind to yourself. Especially with unpredictable stresses because they can be really emotionally and physically debilitating.” – Devon Dionne   On today’s episode of the Open Sky Fitness podcast, Devon and I are discussing how…

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How to Prepare for a Men's Physique

Rob is 7 weeks away from competing in the NPC Los Angeles Men’s Physique Competition. He talks about his process and what it takes to get down to 3% body fat over the next month and a half.

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Anna Ponomarenko – Week 3

It’s All Catching Up to Me! This week seems like an eternity!!! Week three has been definitely a hard one! I have been sore, tired, irritable and draaaaaained of all energy! My muscles are TIGHT, my limbs seem to have the strength of an 85 year old man, my bones straight up hurt, my neck…

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George Rausch – Week 4

The Honeymoon Is Over I just finished Week 4 and I’m over the fun of getting starting. I’m still laughing and having a good time with Rob and Devon doing exercise and nutrition, but my weight has been stagnant at 177 pounds for two weeks and my horrible rotten stomach fat doesn’t seem to be…

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George Rausch – Week 2

Thinking back on Week 1 reminds me of the first week of school: you don’t know your schedule, getting in late to class, being overwhelmed by thinking about all the work that you’ll have to do over the semester, and just figuring out how you’re going to make time to do all the stuff you…

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Jeff Lost 17 Pounds So Far!!!

With nine weeks down in the Sky Fit Challenge here is what I’ve learned so far. For workouts, three days a week over a five day period seems to be perfect. Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays is ideal giving me one weekend day off.

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