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The Power of Intention Open Sky Fitness Podcast

The Power of Intention-Ep 125

Make Yourself Present with Good Intentions On this week’s episode, Rob and Devon discuss how good intentions have a more powerful impact our lives compared to just goals. As you tune in, learn and take notes on how you can set new intentions for yourself with an easy, 4-step process. Throughout the podcast, Rob and Devon…

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CholesterolNutrition Myths

Dr. Jonny Bowden: Breaking Down Cholesterol and Nutrition Myths-Ep. 112

  When it comes to breaking down cholesterol and nutrition myths, Dr. Jonny Bowden is a wealth of great information. Dr. Bowden has written numerous works including his latest book with M.D. Masley Steven, Smart Fat: Eat More Fat. Lose More Weight. Get Healthy Now. Devon and I were so psyched for this interview with Dr. Bowden…

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Zlata Sushchik- Overcoming Obstacles with SexyFit Ep. 81

This week you will be inspired by Zlata Sushchik, creator of, who shares with you the behind the scenes of the unhealthy fitness competition world as well as how “Overcoming Obstacles” is easier than you might think. You will also hear a question from an Open Sky Fitness Podcast Fan, Edward, regarding the free workout templates that Rob has create for you. Rob goes into great detail of how to utilize these templates to your individual lifestyle and workout needs.

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Ep. 48 – Metabolic Workouts, Sleep Hacks and Setting Attainable Goals

Metabolic Workouts, Sleep Hacks and Setting Attainable Goals Fitness Goals Metabolic Workouts, Sleep Hacks, and Goals Today’s show is all about the fitness goals we have and how we’re going about achieving them. From metabolic workouts to sleep hacks, to seeting goals, to reducing body fat to building lean muscle, we’ve got you covered here.…

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Anna Ponomarenko – Week 3

It’s All Catching Up to Me! This week seems like an eternity!!! Week three has been definitely a hard one! I have been sore, tired, irritable and draaaaaained of all energy! My muscles are TIGHT, my limbs seem to have the strength of an 85 year old man, my bones straight up hurt, my neck…

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