Lose 2 Pounds a Week!

In my last post 5 Ways to Help Motivate You to Workout, I talk about the ways to get back on the “Workout Wagon.” Whenever I read blogs like that I always roll my eyes, because I imagine the person writing it either sitting in their chair, 40 pounds over weight, having no intention of following their own advice OR I imagine a super fit person who has never had any problem over eating or being lazy with their workouts.

Dev caught this pic before I could suck in my gut. :(

Dev caught this pic before I could suck in my gut. 🙁

I’m here to tell you that I’m neither of those. I’ve been 20 to 25 pounds over weight and have taken upwards of a year off of doing any sort of workout. Yes, I’m in better shape now, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows getting here. Here’s a pic of me on my honeymoon with my wife Devon. I was 188 pounds and I hadn’t worked out in over 8 months.

Since then, I’ve lost weight training for Triathlons and gained weight lifting heavy for the Men’s Physique competition I competed in, in April. Below is a shot of my one year progression, training for that contest.

Complete Physical Change in One Year

I’ve decided to compete in another Men’s Physique competition on November 2nd in Hollywood. The INBA World Cup! This is a drug tested show, meaning I’ll be competing against guys who haven’t done any performance enhancement drugs. Levels the playing field obviously! Right now I weigh 179 lbs and think if I get down to 165, I’ll have a good shot at placing in the event. Which means I have to lose roughly 2 pounds a week until then.

My upcoming posts will be all about what I’m eating and what my workouts are like. If you have any questions or suggestions of posts that might help you out, please feel free to shoot me a comment.

Took this picture yesterday.

8 Weeks Out!

8 Weeks Out!

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