Natalie Jill and Evan Dollard: How to Set Goals for the New Year -Ep.78

Natalie Jill and Evan Dollard: How to Set Goals for the New Year

How to Set Goals for the New Year

Welcome to 2016!  Are you ready to learn strategies on “how to set goals” or the New Year? This week our host Rob is joined by guest cohost, American Ninja Warrior, Even Dollard (Aka: All Around Mr. Fitness according to Rob), and interviewee, Natalie Jill from

First Evan discusses how he keeps his mirror muscles looking good in is off season from Ninja warrior. He’ll take you through his everyday workout routines as well as his weekly overview when he is in full training for the Ninja competitions.

Secondly Natalie joins the duo and together she, Rob, and Mr. Fitness take a look at how to set goals to achieve your New Years resolutions. They’ll give their 14 expert strategies for success in 2016. Bringing in some Star Wars motivational quotes, this podcast will be your 2016 Yoda voice to success.  And you won’t even have to take notes Rob has put together a pdf of the strategies on how to set goals.

About Natalie Jill

A bit about Natalie Jill. Natalie is licensed master sports nutritionist, functional fitness and fat loss expert and creative business and branding developer. She also has created the Seven Day Jump Start System helping people all over the world lose weight. She came upon the fitness world after hitting an emotional and financial rock bottom after going through a bad divorce while being pregnant.

She gained over 50 pounds at 5’2’’ and felt depressed and out of touch with the rest of the world. After making a vision board (yes, a cheesy vision board), she slowly engulfed herself reading about health and fitness. She reached out to her community on Facebook and shared her progress with the world as she worked her way back to a life she loved.

Chapter Links:

0:00- Introduction
1:13- Meet Evan Dollard
4:27- Evan’s everyday workout routine breakdown
7:33- How to workout with balance and physically stay on call
9:14- American Ninja Warrior training breakdown
11:10- Three necessities to Ninja training
13:27- How Ninja gyms popping up around the country change the training
15:40- Learn the one exercise essential for Ninja success
18:56- Meet Natalie Jill and hear her story
28:40- How Natalie combined business strategy and sales with fitness and nutrition.
30:00- Natalie’s slogan, “Excuses or Solutions?…You Decide” and how it will help you!
33:04- Deciding to change versus having a “negative” support system.
34:06- Introduction to the New Years Resolution Strategies in order to succeed.
35:00- Strategy #1 The first of 15 strategies  How to Set Goals for 2016.
36:01- Strategy #2
38:27- Strategy #3
40:18- Strategy #4
41:32- Strategy #5
42:28- Strategy #6
44:25- Strategy #7
44:12- Strategy #8
53:00- Strategy #9
56:03- Strategy #10
1:00:00- Strategy #11
1:04:38- Strategy #12
1:05:47- Strategy #13
1:07:46- Strategies #14 and #15
1:12:16- Natalie’s biggest piece of advice
1:13:16- Conclusion
1:13:48- Ask Rob Comments

15 Strategies for Successful New Years Resolutions

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