The Sky Fit Challenge is a 12 Week Life Changing Intensive Program developed by Rob Dionne, founder of Open Sky Fitness with a comprehensive nutrition plan development by Integrative Nutrition Coach, Devon Dionne.  Rob has designed a progressive workout strategy that focuses on building core stabilization, strength and power through functional movement.

With this tidal wave of fad diets, weight loss pills, and miracle workout contraptions, taking steps to getting healthy has become a daunting task for most people.  There are so many choices, who really knows the right place to start?  Why can't it just be easy to lose weight and get in shape?  What makes it easy for some and so difficult for others?  These are all legitimate questions.

The Sky Fit Challenge was created to help answer these questions.  Whether you are looking to just lose a few pounds, get ripped or make a complete life change the first step is deciding to commit to something fully.  That's why The Sky Fit Challenge is a 12 week intensive program.  After 3 months of eating and working out on a consistent program your body has broken all old habits and is ready for a new life style. Within 12 weeks your body will be in the best shape it's been ever been.  Will this take a lot of hard work?  Yes!  Will it be harder for some then others?  Yes!  Is there anything worth fighting for in life that doesn't answer yes to these questions.  NO!  If any workout or nutrition program try's to sell you on the idea that it's easy to get in shape and lose weight they are straight up lying to you.  There is no easy solution.  If you're after the body you've always wanted for yourself, it's gonna take work.  What The Sky Fit Challenge provides you with is your road map to get there.

Sky Fit Challenge - Video Blog - The FINAL EPISODE from Open Sky Fitness on Vimeo.

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