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"As a competitive swimmer and coach, I have spent years searching for the ideal cross-training for myself and now for my students. Rob combines plyometrics with weights and cardio to form a workout that is explosive and practical. I've felt the benefits of this first-hand in many aspects of my life, from developing a more powerful stroke in the water to having improved posture. I recommend training with Rob to anybody who is ready to get the most out of their body."


       -Andy C., Swim Coach

"You'll laugh, you''ll scream, and you might even cry; however, you will look your personal best! I have worked with a lot of trainers and nobody has helped me to meet my personal goals the way Rob has. In my opinion, he is the best!"

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    -Raylene B., Fitness Model

"Not only did I lose 80 lbs by working out with Rob, but he taught me the importance of learning how to eat and how to become self motivated.  I learned that a little push everyday goes a long way.  Rob gave me a variety of tools that I can use while I'm working out on my own as well.  Rob's abundance of knowledge on health has passed over to me and I now have become a health nut because of it."

Danny V_headshot_200x164    -Danny V., Interpreter

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