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Dan John Getting Strong is Simple...Not Easy Ep. 171 OPEN SKY FITNESS PODCAST

Dan John: Getting Strong is Simple…Not Easy- Ep. 171

All-American discus thrower, strength coach, author, and instructor, Dan John, shares why life, fitness, and success can be simple, but not easy. There is no immediate, over-night success that comes in the form of a pill. There is no secret to having it all. Rather, real results come from hard work, patience, and determination over…

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Organic Total Body Cleanse – Review

I had a chance to try out the Organic Total Body Cleanse by ReNew Life last month. It is a “Natural 14-day Total-Body Herbal Cleansing Program,” broken down into 3 stages, blending only organic herbs and fiber to offer an effective colon and body cleanse with no extra ingredients to add stress to your body.…

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