David Allen: The Importance of Time Management -Ep. 79

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Improve Your Time Management Skills

You lucky listeners have a special podcast this week today on GTD (Getting things Done) and the “Importance of Time Management”. First, Rob takes some time to answer a question from one of our listeners on how to get started on a path to wellness. 

Then, you’ll hear from our guest speaker,  David Allen, the author of  Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.  Ask yourself if  you are spinning in your head with all the things going on in your life and you believe you just need to manage your time better?

David will show you that it’s not about time management but about finding space in your head to think. It’s about understanding what outcomes you are committed to make and what actions you need to take. You will learn how to organize your life to reduce stress and create more space for creativity. Ahh.. that sounds good!

“Most people are still trying to use their head as their office…It wasn’t designed for that. Your head is designed for having ideas but not for hanging onto them.”- David Allen

About David Allen

David sees himself as a lazy guy that was always looking for the easiest way to do things. After helping many of his friend’s businesses find success by making things easier, he started creating models around what he was teaching and became a consultant.

His martial arts training that taught him how to clear his head for a fight but he realized that space is what people needed in business and daily life. Slowly he applied these principles to helping normal people clear their heads, get more done with less effort, and reduce their stress. 

The “importance of time management” is not so important compared to the need of organizing your thoughts and getting them out of your head.   Then you will have space and time to breathe.

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What You’ll Hear on the Show:

0:00  -Introduction
2:41  -Starting Over:  Q/A with listener Will (Notes below):
3:55  -Workout: Which should you begin with this year?
8:00  -Nutrition:  How should you eat?
16:12  -Mindset: How to create a path of success to achieve goals
21:55  -Interview with David Allen
22:17  -David’s Story
25:19  -From 9 year old to CEO’s, learn how to organize you life
27:15  -The Importance of Time Management and how it can/can’t help you.
29:06  -How do you free the space in your mind
31:38  -How taking 45 seconds now can chance your life!
33:10  -5 Steps of the GTD System
33:25  -Step1: Capture
34:16  -Step 2: Clarify
35:59  -Step 3: Organize
36:35  -How do you get through the emotional block?
38:11  -How to organize your lists
39:56  -The best apps to use for helping use
41.28  -Tricks to not get things lost in your notebook
42:52  -Getting back on the path once you have fallen off
44:05  -Step 4: Reflect and weekly review
48:59  -Step 5: Engage
49:43  -How you get out of your head and be present.
52:00  -The time it takes for Step 1
52:40  -Your head is not your office!
55:00  –GTD Fundamentals Workshop
56:55  -David’s 1 biggest piece of advice to you
58:45  -GTD for children
1:01:30  -How you can actually relax on the weekends and vacations
1:03:10  -Best piece of advice to take action on now…2 minute rule
1:06:15  -Conclusion

Want to learn from David Allen Live?Attend his LA workshop:

GTD Fundamentals Workshop

January 20th 2016

Century City, CA

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Q&A with host Rob Dionne and Listener Will.

QUESTION from Will: I haven’t worked out in years.  What is the best way to get started.  I am about 50 Pounds overweight.  I have tried all kinds of diets but no luck.  What would you suggest with someone starting over?


  • Find something you love to do!  The exercise you will do today and tomorrow is the best exercise. (Walking, jogging, yoga, group fitness, martial arts, spinning, dance, biking)
  • Want Rob’s Free Workout templates?    Download Templates
  • Create a space and habit around your workout.


  • 80 percent of weight loss is nutrition
  • Stay clear of specific diets, instead change your lifestyle
  • Keep track of the food you are eating.  Keep a journal
  • Start Slow.  What can you add to your diet versus what you need to cut out
    -Week one, add in water 80 ounces/day
    -Week 2, add a serving of green vegetables everyday
    -Week 3, Replace the bad with good.  i.e. Replace bread and pasta with sweet/starchy vegetable (exchange pasta with spiraled zucchini)

Mindset: How to create the mindset to succeed

  1. Create a WHY?  Why do you want to change or be healthy?
  2. Create a strong commitment?  Remember that you deserve this.
  3. Find what is standing in your way of your success.  Identify the issues and notice if these are truths or just stories you have created.  Most likely they are stories that you have created as truths.  See them for what they are, stories

Don’t forget to that Rob is here to answer any questions you might have.  It’s the New Year and he is here help you get to a healthier and happier place!  Don’t be shy, just send him an email at Rob@OpenSkyFitness.com.



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Don’t miss out on Rob’s Free Webinar, 6 Ways to Burn Fat and Build Muscle Mass. After talking to some of the leading experts in health and fitness from all over the world, Rob has put together for you the best tools for losing fat and building muscle quickly. There are only a limited number of slots so click below to reserve yours now!

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