Dr. Loren Cordain: The Origin of the Paleo Diet-Ep. 97 The Open Sky Fitness Podcast Rob Dionne

Dr. Loren Cordain: The Origin of the Paleo Diet-Ep. 97

This week’s podcast is all about good nutrition with a focus on discussing the Paleo Diet with Dr. Loren Cordain. If you listen often to the podcast, you may remember that we talk a lot about Paleo on the show. Therefore, it was an amazing experience for me to talk to Dr. Cordain because he is considered to be the Founder of the Paleo Diet!

I learned so much from Dr. Cordain because he explained so much about Paleo! Our discussion included the origins of the Paleo diet and his research; what are some of the myths about Paleo vs. the true facts; and most of all, how Paleo compares to other diets such as a Plant-based diet or the low-carb Ketogenic Diet. I could’ve gone on an on talking about the Paleo Diet with Dr. Cordain!

How to Stop Hunger Cravings

Before my interview with Dr. Cordain, Devon joined me on the show and we took some time to talk about the difference between emotional hunger cravings and actual hunger.

We’ve all been there when all of a sudden we’re craving ice cream, chocolate, chips, or Mc Donald’s etc. out of no where during the day. Tune in to the podcast as we give some personal tips and answer questions such as: What causes us to eat emotionally? What are the first triggers to begin emotional eating? How can we avoid it and make healthier choices?


About Dr. Loren Cordain

Dr. Loren Cordain is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

His research emphasis over the past 20 years has focused upon the evolutionary and anthropological basis for diet, health and well being in modern humans. Dr. Cordain’s scientific publications have examined the nutritional characteristics of worldwide hunter-gatherer diets as well as the nutrient composition of wild plant and animal foods consumed by foraging humans.

He is the world’s leading expert on Paleolithic diets and has lectured extensively on the Paleolithic nutrition worldwide. Dr. Cordain is the author of five popular bestselling books including The Paleo Diet, The Paleo Answer, The Paleo Diet Cookbook, and The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook summarizing his research findings.

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What You’ll Hear on This Episode

0:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening Remarks by Rob and Devon

2:00 Unhealthy food cravings: What keeps us from eating healthy?

3:10  The difference between emotional hunger and true physical hunger cravings.

7:30  What are some of the causes and triggers for emotional eating?

11:45  How can you stop emotional food cravings?

15:45  Tips on how to change your eating habits for both you and your family.

18:50  Take time to appreciate the food you’re eating.

25:37  Introduction for Dr. Loren Cordain

26:40  How did the Paleo Diet begin? How did Dr. Cordain learn and research about Paleo?

32:40  How would you explain the Paleo Diet to someone who has no idea what it is?

35:00  Why would people be resistant to the Paleo Diet as far as dairy and whole grain products?

38:40  Is there a confusion around nutrition studies in the media?

43:00  The Paleo Diet vs. Plant-based Diet

52:30  What are some common misconceptions about the Paleo Diet? How is it different than a low-carb diet such as the Ketogenic Diet?

53:25  Can potatoes be part of the Paleo Diet?

58:58  How did the first humans survive by making fire at will? Why did they not eat potatoes and legumes during the time?

1:03:30 Why is it hard to follow a low-carb Ketogenic Diet?

1:08:35  How do you, Dr. Cordain, feel about how Paleo has become a brand and movement for the food industry?

1:14:10 What do you attribute the success to your book to? What has changed in the Paleo Diet that your book hasn’t been revised since 2002?

1:21:07  Does the Paleo Diet require supplements?

1:24:17  Are there certain meats that shouldn’t be eaten by people that Paleo followers have adopted into their meals such as bacon?

1:33:45  Closing Remarks by Rob and Devon

135:25 Open Sky Fitness Closing


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