Eat, Pray, Love Scores A Goal!

Elizabeth Gilbert knows what it’s like to spiral out of control and have to rebuild from the ground up. Eat, Pray, Love takes us on part of her life’s journey through despair, confusion and doubt to enlightenment, clarity and awareness. Making the decision to pick up the pieces and move forward in a positive direction hoping to find meaning is a true test of faith in ones self. Elizabeth set a goal. She wanted to “find herself”, her true self, by letting go of the past and opening up to the possibilities of the future.

I’m not saying quit your job, sell everything you own and buy a plane ticket to Rome. I think you’ve probably got your life in a little more control then that. However, maybe there are those things in your life that seem to be spinning out of control, things that we take for granted, such as our health and well being. As a personal trainer and life coach, I help my clients realize their potential throughout all aspects of their lives. Like Gilbert, we do this through GOAL SETTING.

Setting Goals is one of the most important things when it comes to success in life. Ask anyone with a successful business and they’ll tell you you have to have a game plan. If you see a clear picture of your goal, no matter how big, nothing can stop you from achieving it. Why can’t we apply this same concept in our lives. We all want success whether it be financial, physical, emotional or spiritual. We’re all striving to get to the next level. If you set your goals you’re on your way. How do I do that? Here’s just a few goal setting suggestions to get you started.

Full-Marathon Goal – This goal should be the end result. You should have multiple Full-Marathon Goals for different areas of your life, but they should be BIG. Don’t skimp on your Full-Marathon Goal. Think about what you like to have in life and multiply that by ten. That’s your Full- Marathon Goal!
Half-Marathon Goal – These are the goals that will take a while to achieve. Sometimes a month, sometimes a year. They should be with the full intention of reaching the Full-Marathon Goal. With the Full-Marathon Goal in mind the Half-Marathon Goals will be obvious. They may be tough to get done but don’t let yourself get stuck on the little things.
Sprinting Goals – These are the little things. Sprinting Goals are your day to day goals. If you were to add up all your Sprinting and Half-Marathon Goals they would all be pointed in the direction of the Full-Marathon goal. Going to the bank and the post office or going for a run are Sprinting Goals.

Elizabeth Gilbert knew her Full-Marathon Goal. She wanted to “find herself.” Not in a way that was traditional, but in her way. Through her travels she applied Sprinting Goals, experiencing amazing food and learning to speak Italian, Half-Marathon Goals, traveling from country to country with an open mind, and finally her Full-Marathon Goal, finding who she is in this world and her new purpose in life. Because of successful goal setting, Elizabeth was able to get through a very difficult time in her life and come out a better person.

Setting goals can be an amazing experience. It worked for Elizabeth Gilbert it can work for you!

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