Elizabeth Benton: The Best Weight Loss Strategies -Ep. 75

Elizabeth Benton: The Best Weight Loss Strategies

Elizabeth Benton, from Primal Potential Podcast, shares her best “weight loss strategies” on how to stay motivated, not make excuses, and how to build a routine. Since she was seven, Elizabeth has been obsessed with fat loss and yet she grew to become a 350 pound adult. As an obese woman, she worked in the health care industry developing anti-obesity programs, as well as in the dietary supplement world. Despite all the information she gathered, it didn’t help her to lose the weight. She knew she had to switch her plan of action and went back to the basics, breaking all the dieting rules. With this new lifestyle she lost over 150 pounds.

Liz’s Common Mistakes.

  • The all or nothing approach.  This doesn’t work because you constantly feel guilty and punish yourself.  Hint: Instead of “all in”, think, “How is Your Progress?”.
  • She always followed someone else’s plan.
  • Food and exercise were the focus instead of the consistency of implementing them.  “Why do I make bad choices?” That is the question to answer.
    Elizabeth Benton: The Best Weight Loss Strategies -Ep. 75

Liz’s Best Weight Loss Strategies.

  1. Pay Attention: Don’t tune out. Don’t act like the choices you are making are unconscious because you don’t want to deal with it.
  2. Get Curious about what is going on in your life.
  3. Write Down what is going through your mind when you have cravings. Did you have a fight with your family/coworker?  Are you tired? Did you have a bad day at work? Notice if you are using food to numb yourself or distract yourself from the real issues in your life.
  4. Ask. “Is it working?” Realize that the solution of mindless eating actually compounds the problems as opposed to solving them.  The stress is still there. You have then added more stress because now you feel crappy from the bad food. You are isolating yourself from the problem rather than finding a real solution.
  5. Make Small Changes.  The more stuff you take on, the lower your chances of success. Take one step at a time.

 2 Easy Steps Towards Weight Loss

Liz says two of the best weight loss strategies she could give you, you could start right now.

  1. Start your day with a fat loss friendly breakfast. Skip carbs in the morning.  Start with a a breakfast of proteins and fats.
  2. Get enough sleep.  A few nights of moderate sleep deprivation makes you more resistant to insulin making weight loss more challenging.   If you are tired, go to bed!

    Elizabeth Benton: The Best Weight Loss Strategies -Ep. 75

Why Calories In/Calories Out Doesn’t work.

With this weight loss strategy of calories In/Out, you ignore the chemistry that happens in the body.  When you intake less calories than your body is using your body has four options of how to deal with this deficit.  These four options your body choose between are as follows.

  1. Fat Burning: This is the best one we all desire!
  2. Muscle burning: You’ll look worse naked and lower your metabolic rate.
  3. Metabolic neutral: You body conserves resources.  Your metabolism decreases, your body goes on overdrive, and you are more hungry.
  4. Combination of all of the above.

You need to control hormones to make sure your body chooses the first option of Fat Burning.  You can control your hormones through the food you intake. The biggest player in this reaction is insulin.  Insulin is an anabolic hormone (helps the body build up and go into storage mode) that ushers food from the blood and delivers it to the cells.  If you have too much insulin, you will always be in storage mode.  If you are in storage mode, you CANNOT be in fat burning mode.

Why it is better to eat carbs at night versus in the morning.

In the morning you are most sensitive to spiking blood sugar.  You have an exaggerated insulin response due to the exaggerated blood sugar spiking after not eating for 10 hours.  You will spend more time in storage mode and less time in the fat burning mode.  Also, in the morning, cortisol is at it’s highest and combined with an insulin spike, you compound your fat storing capability. If you just eat protein and fat, your body won’t have a spike in insulin and you will go into fat burning mode.   This is ideal.

What you can do to get motivated!

“Most people don’t wake up motivated, you have to actively choose to create motivation everyday.  Creating a daily focus is important.”

  1. Place your focus on what you want, versus what you don’t want. If you focus on how hard it is, why its not fair, how frustrating it is.  What you focus on determines how you feel and how you feel impacts your actions.  “When you argue for your limitations you are going to get them!”  You will live into what you believe.  If you believe you are the fat girl and that weight loss is beyond you, then it always will be.  You have to change your belief.”  If motivation and commitment are required to fat loss, are you motivated and committed in other areas of your life? If you are, then you have it.  See what messages you were sending yourself when you are a success.
  2. Create Affirmations You Can Believe In! Your affirmations have to be things you can believe in!  If your 350 pounds, to say your skinny is just lying.  But, you could say things like:“I am in control of my choices”. “I am choosing to make progress towards my weight loss goals”. “I focus on the positive”. “Everyday I’m doing one thing to move in the direction to my goals”. “You may not be able to turn off negative thoughts, but you can replace them.”
  3. Have Perspective:  If you can physically move your body and feed yourself, you can change your weight.

How to Keep Accountability

  1. Track what you eat and what it makes you feel
  2. Hire a Personal Trainer
  3. If you need more accountability, ASK FOR HELP.  If you don’t ask, you probably want to stay comfortable if you fail.
    (Liz texts a picture of herself in her underwear every Monday and does body measurements to make sure she isn’t far off track.
  4. If you need help with tracking you can read Liz’s Blog on How to Track

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What one piece of advice does Liz want you to begin today?

Pay attention to yourself!  We pay more attention to reality TV and athletes than we do to our own bodies.  Become a student of yourself.  Often we are too ashamed to pay attention to ourselves or we only pay attention to ourselves when things are going well.  Pay attention all the time.  Try tracking, looking at yourself naked, and be with yourself even when you are uncomfortable.


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