Ep. 35 – Mark Sisson on How to Look Good Naked

Mark Sisson on How to Look Good Naked

On today’s episode, we talk to Mark Sisson about why a healthy diet is more important than exercise when it comes to improving your physique.

According to Mark, 80% of your body composition is a direct result of how you eat. You can manipulate your gene expression to become a fat-burning beast, but you’ve got to cut out a lot of junk. By now, the list is probably very familiar to you, but it starts with sugar, then bread and industrial seed oil.

Eat What Our Ancestors Ate

“Our genes expect us to eat a certain way based on the 2.5 million years we’ve spent on this planet,” Mark says. What do our genes expect us to eat? All the things our ancestors ate, including fish, fowl, eggs and fruit.

Mark also talks to the gang about the healthy oils people should include in their diets and why they’re so beneficial. Mark loves avocado oil, and he explains exactly why. He also talks about why the health community suddenly started embracing a former pariah: red palm oil.

Mark’s Daily Apple

If you don’t understand the science behind nutrition, it’s pretty hard to eat the right things. Thank god, then, for Sisson’s website “Mark’s Daily Apple,” which combines delicious recipes with the latest in health research.

“This isn’t rocket science,” Mark says. “It’s about learning how to make good, intuitive decisions.”



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