Ep.37 – Freelee the Banana Girl: High Carb, High Fruit Diet

Freelee the Banana Girl: High Carb, High Fruit Diet

What’s It Like To Eat 30 Bananas A Day?

On today’s episode, we interview Freelee the Banana Girl, a famous YouTube personality who claims she’s shed dozens of pounds by adhering to a 90% carbohydrate diet. Freelee eats 30 bananas throughout the day and pounds of potatoes for dinner. She also drinks two to four quarts of water, exercises 5-6 days a week and tries to get 30 minutes of sunshine every day.

Never felt better than ever

While her diet regime may seem extreme to some, Freelee says that she’s never felt healthier. She’s also inspired many people who say they’ve achieved similar results, slimming down by eating lots of fruits.

In a typical day, Freelee might eat 15 bananas in a single smoothie, 6-10 mangoes for lunch and then a cooked, vegan dinner.

“Your body and your brain run on glucose,” she explains to us. Still, we questioned her about some of the science behind the diet. While there is some evidence that a high carb diet can be helpful for some, you should check with your doc before embarking on something similar.

That said, Freelee seems healthy and happy after eight years of eating mostly fruit. Clearly, something is working!



80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Grahm

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