Jay Campbell Explains Testosterone Replacement Therapy-Ep. 105

Jay Campbell: Should You Consider Testosterone Therapy?-Ep. 105

On this week's Open Sky Fitness Podcast episode, Rob had a great talk with Jay Campbell about testosterone replacement therapy. Jay the best selling author of The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual, a 16 year TRT patient and respected thought leader on Hormonal Optimization.

Jay recently launched TRTRevolution.com and the TRT Revolution Podcast which promise to be the definitive resources for all things Testosterone, Anti-Aging and Life Optimization. Jay along with his mentor Jim Brown consult with aging men and women and soon will be offering a unique line of supplements (Optimized Life Nutrition) essential for living a hormonally balanced life.

Rob and Jay had a deep discussion about why men can experience a loss of the testosterone hormone, what are the symptoms, and how to replace the hormone with therapy. To prepare for this interview, Rob even took a blood work test, a Pre TRT Wellness Panel, to see where his hormones were at and how healthy he is.

Challenge of the Week: Think About Where You Are At In Your Life

Life can get incredibly busy and not only are we trying to juggle everything going on in our lives, but sometimes other people's lives too. Friends, family members, and co-workers may all need us at one point in their lives to help them out. And it's great to help them out however and whenever you can, but are you paying enough attention to yourself?

This week, try to stop for a moment and take a close look at everything that is going on in your life. Your family, your career, and you goals. Are you spending enough time on what you want to accomplish? Maybe you don't spend enough time on you or if everything becomes too much, you just push everything aside to give yourself space and a moment to breathe.

Pay attention to everything that you have going on in your life and ask yourself if it's too much to handleMaybe you have too much going on right now or too many goals that you're facing. If something is too much to handle, it's okay to back off and come back to it later when you're ready for it.

Likewise, what are some tips that you can share with all of us when you're juggling too much at once? Send us an email, voicemail, Facebook message, Twitter tweet etc. How do you handle stress and taking on different projects at once?

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What You'll Hear on This Episode

0:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Open Sky Fitness Opening with Rob

3:30 How can we juggle everything that goes on in our lives?

12:45  Introduction to Jay Campbell.

13:50  Jay's background and why understanding testosterone is important for him.

14:50  Jay's story of being diagnosed with low level testosterone.

17:05  What are hormones and why are they so healthy for us?

20:00  What are the symptoms of low testosterone deficiency?

22:35 How important is it to meet with a doctor who knows about hormonal level deficiencies?

23:30 What is it like to begin testosterone hormone replacement therapy? How do I know if the therapy isn't helping me?

24:45 What about the pill for women? How are the hormones balanced?

26:15  Is it a big decision to go with testosterone hormonal therapy?

27:55  Can the environment that we live in today affect our hormones?

28:30  What are the statistics for males who have a testosterone deficiency?

29:00 Are male body types correlated with testosterone?

31:25  What are the causes of gynecomastia or male breast enlargement? What can happen if there's a very high production of estrogen in the nipples and it goes too far over time? What about during puberty?

36:30  What's the recovery time like to reduce male breast tissue or hard glands?

38:55  What were Rob's results for his Pre TRT Wellness Panel and what does his blood work mean for him?

54:00  What are the risks for going on a Statin medication such as for high cholesterol?

57:45  Would a young male with low testosterone automatically be prescribed to take a medication?

1:01:05  How can a person improve their testosterone balance  and control their insulin with nutrition?

1:10:00 What are some indicators that you may have a low amount of testosterone?

1:11:00 Why do more people need to know about hormonal imbalance and low testosterone for men?

1:12:30  When do men begin to naturally lose testosterone hormones?

1:13:35  How often should men have their testosterone levels tested?

1:14:29 Why cardio is incredibly important during your 40s.

1:17:33  Closing Remarks by Rob

1:21:40  Open Sky Fitness Closing


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