Jenny Schatzle: 10 Holiday Tips for Staying Healthy – Ep. 72

Jenny Schatzle: 10 Holiday Tips for Staying Healthy

Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

Jenny Schatzle from the Jenny Schatzle Program reminds us that we are in the Holiday Season and we need to deal with it. The all or nothing mentality doesn’t work. We need to take the pressure off and be healthy while still having fun.

About Jenny Schatzle

From her studio in Santa Barbara, Jenny is starting a global Movement that changes the way people see themselves. The program focuses on fitness and nutrition as a base, but also looks at the community you create and the behavior that stops you and holds you back. At the Jenny Schatzle Program, the weight loss is the bonus, the life change is the promise.

Jenny moved out to Santa Barbara as a student and signed up at Golds Gym to workout. After being the loudest and most dedicated attendant in the group fitness classes, the owner offered to teach Jenny how to run classes.

She then realized she wasn’t walking the walk she was teaching and created the Jenny Schatzle Program that helped her to get back to feeling whole. The program teaches people how to love who they see in the mirror and find a deep internal happiness that is not wavered by the actions of others.

13 Holiday Tips for Staying Healthy

1. Know your triggers
-If food is your trigger, step away from the food table. Grab one plate of food and take it on the other side of the room to have your conversation.

2. Plate Order
-First plate, vegetables and greens
-Second plate protein
-Third plate can be your starches and foods you want to try out.

3. Wait 20 Minutes before Having Seconds
-Set a timer

4. A Glass of Water and Food first.
-Alcohol lowers our inhibition. Ounce you are buzzed choices
are compromised. Drink some water and eat food first.

5. Go for Low Calorie Drinks
-Create a Mocktail. Bubbly water and a splash of cranberry
with a lime.
-If you are going to drink wine, stick to one glass.
-Go for red wine over the sugary whites
-Instead of a margarita, have tequila and lime juice.

6. Adult Peer Pressure is Real!
-We tend to take health advice from unhealthy people to make
them happy
-Don’t take advice from someone who doesn’t care if you are

7. Be Present While Eating
-How will the food I’m shoving in my mouth make me feel?
-Do I feel hungover just from what I ate? Make better choices
next time.

8. Don’t Eat Your Stress
-Visiting family can be stressful. Look for positive outlets
like working out versus indulging in unhealthy foods
-Don’t add the guilt and shame from eating unconsciously to
your stress

9. Treat Yourself and Lower Stress
-You deserve to spend some time and money on yourself to lower stress
-Get a gym membership
-Treat yourself to a massage

10. Start the day with a 10 Minute Workout
-You will be less likely to eat crap
-You will start your day feeling accomplished

11. Put Yourself First
-It’s not selfish. When you are at your best, others benefit.
-People aren’t going to like you more/less the more you do for

12. Embrace Your Health
-Being healthy is a gift, not a punishment.
-Where you put your focus will become your focus.
-If you focus on hating your workouts, you will hate the
-If you focus on being kind to yourself and you will feel

13. Focus on the I AM Conversation… I AM__________________.
-Start the day with 5 positive I AM’s (Examples below)

If you are in Santa Barbara, stop by and take a class at the Jenny Schatlze Program, on the house. Just mention the Open Sky Fitness Podcast!

Rob and Ryan’s Quick Holiday Workout Tips

1. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.
2. Make your workout a priority.
3. Find an accountability partner so your workout becomes a
4. Plan on a workout to help you have an excuse to leave the party
a little early.
5. Ryan thinks Dance Revolution is a great way to get the entire
family moving after a meal.
6. Rob Challenges you to take the entire holiday party out for a


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