Matt Frazier: Paleo vs Vegan – Which Diet is Best? – Ep. 71

Matt Frazier: Paleo vs Vegan – Which Diet is Best?

Meet Matt Frazier

Matt Frazier from No Meat Athlete will make you rethink the Paleo vs Vegan debate.  Author of the book No meat Athlete and featured in some of the top periodicals like Runners World, Huffington Post, and Forbes Magazine, Matt gives us insight on why eating vegan is right for him, but maybe not for everybody.

While training to qualify for the Boston Marathon, Matt wanted to move towards a vegan life style for ethical reasons. To his surprise, he found that his body responded positively to this new way of eating and he was able to shave 10 minutes off his best time and qualify. Since then, while being a huge promoter of the vegan lifestyle, he also is trying to unify the followers of Paleo and vegan diets, rather than creating more distance between them.

Paleo vs Vegan Diet

In this Episode you will learn:
-Paleo VS Vegan; Are they more similar than different?
-What is the difference between vegans and vegetarians
-Is oil a processed food and how do you cook without it?
-Batch Cooking and it’s importance
-Hints to make cooking a bit less scary
-Creating goals to keep you motivated to train

The Similarities between Paleo vs Vegan Diets:
-Both eat only whole foods
-Both demand high quality food sources
-Both are against factory farming
-Both eat a ton of vegetables
-Both eliminate processed foods
-Both eliminate dairy products

People have success in both of these diets in regards to health and athletic training. It’s just a matter of which works for your individual body.


Matt’s Diet Tips

Oil is actually a processed food, not a whole food. Matt recommends cooking with water and sticking to whole foods for your fats.

Eating protein as a vegan is easier than people think. Protein can come from vegetables, wheat, nuts, and beans. About 12-15% of Matt’s daily calories coming from protein.

To really be healthy, you need to cook, which can be scary at first. Just take it one step at a time.

Food delivery services like The Purple Carrot can be a great option for people that are busy.


Matt’s Daily Diet

-Breakfast: Raw smoothie, fruit, spinach and nuts
-Mid Morning: Whole wheat pita with hummus or almond butter
-Lunch: Left overs or a salad with chick peas and nut based dressing
-Snacks: 6-7 fruits throughout the day
-Dinner: Usually either Indian, stir fry or rice&beans, and always a ton of vegetables.
-Drinks: cup of coffee and beer a day…doesn’t say that’s healthy.


Matt’s Daily Workouts

-Depends on what he’s working on.
-Running 5-7 miles weekdays, 10-12 Weekends
-Weight lifting he does when he is not training for a race. During marathon training, the weights sometimes disappear.


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