Calories and Losing Weight!!!


Healthy Grilled Chicken Meal

There are a million and one fads out there right now to help you loss weight:  pills, cleanses, fasting, crazy exercise machines, cabbage soup diets, lemon and cayenne pepper drinks etc. the list goes on and on.   Why do people do all these kooky diets and buy all these crazy machines?  Because they are just the like the rest of us, they want instant results.  And that is what all of these products promise.  But do they deliver?  No.  At least not when it comes to longevity.

So, how do you loss weight and keep it off?  The secret is calories.  Our bodies burn a certain amount of calories per day to function.   Here’s an example:  My body burns 2500 calories a day.  If I consume 2500 calories on a regular basis I will maintain my existing weight.  If I consume 3000 calories a day I will gain weight. And, yep you guessed it, if I consume 2000 calories a day I will loss weight.

I know this may seem elementary to some of you, but that’s how it works.

The best way to get started is to keep Food Journal.  Keep track of everything you are putting in your body.

Here’s a link to a website that will help you figure out how many calories you should be taking in for your body.

Calorie Calculator

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