Jeff Lost 21 Pounds on the Sky Fit Challenge!

Jeff before Sky Fit Challenge

Before The Sky Fit Challenge

Well, it’s the end of October and I’m basically done with the Sky Fit Challenge. What a journey it has been.  No really, it has been a trek.  I’ve had highs and lows, days when I feel great and days when I think there’s no way I can do this.  There were weeks that took me out of town and derailed me but when I returned to L.A. I jumped right back into it.  Rob made me do some sets where I called him very bad names and Christy put things into my diet that were tough to swallow (pun intended).  However, let me say this, down over 20 pounds, seeing abs for the first time and just feeling great was so worth it.  I owe the Sky Fit Challenge more than words can describe.  During these 3 months I booked jobs on TV shows, worked around the world, made good money and slept better than ever!  Christy made it possible that I was never really hungry (ate up to 5 meals a day) and with Rob’s workouts I was getting a great cardio and muscle routine at the same time.  It never hurts to hear people tell you that you look great and notice you’ve lost weight.  Honestly, it made me feel so much better about myself.  A confidence grew over these last few months and the insecurities slowly started to go away.

The real push I will make for what Rob and Christy do and for the Sky Fit Challenge specifically is that it’s not hard to do this!  There’s no Master cleanse where you starve yourself for 2 weeks, no boot-camp where someone is yelling in your ear and wont let you up until you finish 75 push ups, no stupid diet that just wont stick or workout that is made for olympians and no surgery that can have complications.  Rob and Christy work with you, one on one and they design the plan for you!  They listen.  Each month is a step by step process and after a while it just becomes a part of your life.  Foods start to taste better and workouts become something you look forward to.

Christy’s philosophy is to add healthy organic foods into your life, not take away everything you love.  She gets you off the addiction of sugar filled foods and helps you make smart choices through the day.  Caffeine, white sugar and white flour are all highly addictive drugs and the food media will do anything to keep you eating them. Working with Christy helps you break that cycle.  She doesn’t use the word “diet.” Christy believes no “one” plan works for everyone, so she learns about you and your lifestyle and creates a plan that’s right for you.

Vertical JumpRob has been in and around gym’s for most of his life.  Not only has he taken the classes and certifications that make him a highly knowledgeable Personal Trainer but his years of experience in the gym makes him great at what he does.  What makes Rob’s training so unique is the way he thinks outside the box.  The exercises are complex, fun and keep your heart rate up.  He likes working outside, running stairs (oh those stairs), and creating different workouts that are diverse and work the whole body.  Nothing about his workout sessions are boring.  He pays attention, learns your body and gets you the results you’re looking for.

Okay, enough of those two.  Their the best.  Period.  As for me?  For the rest of my life I will have to fight off the love handles, going to Chili’s and sucking down their awesome blossom or eating to many cookies.  Hell, things could be a lot worse. But, this week for the first time ever in my life, I don’t have to say maybe tomorrow I’ll get in shape or tomorrow I wont eat as much.  My parents can’t say, “It’s in your genes, you’ll always be big.”  I’m not quite as cute and cuddly anymore or whatever someone calls the fluffier people out there.  Casting Directors can’t look at me and say to themselves, “he should loose a few.”  That swim teacher when I was in middle school, that douche bag of a soccer coach, my sophomore college acting teacher they can all kiss my ass cause today I feel like Brando.  Surely not as talented but maybe I could stand next to him, shirts off, in a 1953 casting call and feel proud.  Some of you might here this and thinks it’s ridiculous but their my dreams and they mean the world to me.
Thanks for reading.  More to come.

Marlon Brando

Brando At His Best

Week 12

Jeff at his best

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