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5 Secrets to Successful Resolutions

Happy Holidays!  It’s that magical time of year when there seems to be a party every day of the week and an endless amount of baked goods at the work place. This doesn’t help us if our goal is to make it through the holidays without gaining unwanted weight.  If you’re like the rest of…

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How Do I Keep Healthy At Work?

The body took some hard hits this week. I barely got a chance to work out and the food at the hotel and late dinners were good but not healthy. And that’s okay cause life can get in the way from time to time. I surely don’t have a 9 to 5 schedule and sometimes I have to travel last minute. The solution is: Don’t give up!

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Three Weeks In and People Notice a Change!!!

Three weeks down and I’m feeling good. One thing that’s nice is people are starting to notice. Friends here and there have said some nice things about how I look. Tell you what, when you’ve spent the better part of your life looking a little thick, that’s nice to here.

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