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Ep. 43 – Owen Harrison Talks Bodybuilding Workouts and Nutrition

Workout and Eat like Owen Harrison Bodybuilding twins and international fitness stars Owen and Lewis Harrison have competed with each other from an early age. They’ve lived together, trained together and have even bought the same exercise supplements. “Did you ever try to sabotage each other? Like put powder in your brothers’ drink to make him…

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George Rausch – Week 3

The Turning Point This has been a great week for many reasons, most notably was the surprise 30th birthday party on Friday night that my girlfriend had been planning for months. It also happened to be the end of a great week for fitness success. At the end of Week 3, I reached a few…

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Anna Ponomarenko – Week 2

This week has been such a great inspiration and motivation to the changes that I have implemented in my everyday life. Everyone has been sooo supportive in my dedication to the Sky Fit Challenge and I thank them for that. Just simply sticking to my everyday regimen and showing up to the gym has motivated so many…

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5 Exercises to Best Strengthen the Knees

The knees are one of the most complex and commonly misunderstood joints in the body (second only to the shoulders). Given that they bear approximately 80% of our bodyweight when we’re standing, the knees are highly susceptible to damage and the pain that often comes with it.

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Top 4 Ways To Stretch

With all the mixed information out there it’s hard to know what kind of stretching to do and when to do it. There are 5 different types of stretches to consider when the time arrises: Static, Active, Dynamic and PNF Stretching.

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