Anna Ponomarenko – Week 3

It’s All Catching Up to Me!

This week seems like an eternity!!!
Week three has been definitely a hard one! I have been sore, tired, irritable and draaaaaained of all energy!

My muscles are TIGHT, my limbs seem to have the strength of an 85 year old man, my bones straight up hurt, my neck and my shoulders feel like I’ve been carrying an anvil on top of my head, and I don’t seem to have any energy left in me!

Well, as they say…This too shall pass….
I will get stronger, more energetic, more flexible, and much more motivated to keep on pushing. I am in the point of my training where everything starts to sink in. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. But not once have I questioned why I am doing this. Giving up is not an option. Giving into temptation is not a choice that I have. I want to cure my body and prevent illness and pain that I could have possibly been inducing onto myself by lack of exercise and nutrition. I want to avoid having to take hundreds of pills when I am older, and this all starts now!!! Raaaaaawr!
And I wanna look hot in a bathing suit :]

Some small goals that make a difference:
– Eat more protein
-Eat more veggies
-Do not skip a meal
-Get to bed by 11

Making compromises:
There have definitely been a lot of compromises that I had to make due to the life changes I have chosen to follow for the next 3 months. This has been the hardest part about the Sky Fit Challenge so far. Wanting to stay true to who I am, but then having to make the critical changes in my life have definitely caught up to me.

I am a very social person and I love to spend time with my girlfriends. This usually ends up somewhere between drinks, staying up all night, stuffing our faces with something “wholesome”, and waking up hungover and bloated the next morning. Although I cherish those moments that I get to have, I have to step up and realize that I am either in this 100% or not at all.

Now… I am not saying that I can’t have fun without all that, but lets be honest, a lot of fun that comes out of being in your early twenties stems from going out to bars and clubs and shows and everything else in between.

My girlfriends are going to Vegas and although I know I shouldn’t go, I seem to keep rationalizing why I think I can/should/would/could! A weekend in Sin City could jeopardize everything that I have worked for.

Even though I think I can deal with all the temptation of such a scene, I do not think I should even be putting myself in this situation. Making the conscious decision to work on myself day to day brings me closer to my goal one step at a time.

It breaks my heart to disappoint my best friends, but I know that in the end, it will all be worth the headache! Forgive me my lovely ladies, but its time for me to focus focus focus!

Over and out.

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