Week 2 Down!

Week 1 & 2

Week 2 was intense! It rained harder that I’ve ever seen it in LA.  For the whole week, we got soaked, but we got through it all.  Open Sky style!

The workouts are getting more difficult now that my form is improving.  If you do a push up the wrong way, you can do 30, if you do it the right way, you’re lucky to reach 10!  Same goes for all of my exercises.

I did some Yoga this week and I also tried Gyrotronic.  Both were a huge help in helping my body stretch and recover from the workouts.

My withdraw symptoms and crazy mood swings due to my massive diet change are starting to calm down.  Thank the Lord.  Looks like Katie won’t have to leave me after all.  I ate at a raw/vegan restaurant called Cru, here in LA, where I could order anything off the menu, which was a blast.   It was like being back at Roman Delight in Abington, PA…only the pasta was made out of seeds and the cheese was actually cashews.   But after 14 days of eating salads, i could have sworn I was in Italy! This place was magic…they can make raw foods taste like just about anything…I had a brownie that wasn’t a brownie topped with ice cream that wasn’t ice cream and it was delicious!

Today is Sunday, which is my day off, and it’s much needed after my 2 hours of basketball yesterday…probably the most painful two hours of the Sky Fit Challenge.  Turns out I USED to be good at basketball.  At least I had energy!

Sky Fit Challenge – Video Blog #4 – Week Two in the Bag. from Open Sky Fitness on Vimeo.

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