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What You Should Know About GMOs - Ep. 145 Open Sky Fitness Podcast

What You Should Know About GMOs – Ep. 145

Do We Actually Need GMOs?   “If France was able to decrease the amount of  pesticides and herbicides and yield the same amount of crops while the USA increased herbicides and decreased pesticides but had no increase in crop yields with GMOs, then why do we even need GMOs? Money.” – Devon Dionne   On this…

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Week 2 Down!

Week 2 was intense! It rained harder that I’ve ever seen it in LA. For the whole week, we got soaked, but we got through it all. Open Sky style! The workouts are getting more difficult now that my form is improving. If you do a push up the wrong way, you can do 30, if you do it the right way, you’re lucky to reach 10! Same goes for all of my exercises.

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