Should I Run a Marathon With Open Sky Fitness?

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Week 5 is now finished, time is really flying, except when it comes to holding my body in PLANK position, then time seems to slow down and at some points during today’s workout, I was convinced it had stopped all together.

The work outs are definitely getting harder, and we’re focusing more on strength now then cardio.  I’m still at 161 pounds, which seems to be a skinny as my body will go, so I guess my dream of getting down to my Bar Mitzvah weight is out the window.

The diet has become second nature for me…I whip up quinoa and protein shakes and salads in minutes, and always make 2 of everything for Katie to have too!  She’s absolutely loving the diet and says I can never go back to bringing Oreo’s into the house ever again.  Them is fightin’ words.  But I obliged…hmrumph!

More videos to come!

Thinking about using this experience to launch me into a marathon training program and run the San Diego in early June, what do you guys think???

Week 1 & 5

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