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In the picture to the far left, I weighed 194 pounds. I was 31 years old and I hadn’t worked out consistently in who knows how long. I was depressed, over worked, and lacked any motivation. Sound familiar?

You might not think it’s possible, but I’m here to tell you, it is possible! You just have to believe in yourself and trust the process.

Circuit Training 3…Focus on Chest and Triceps

As you can deduce from the title of this post in today’s circuit training we will be focusing on Chest and Triceps.

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How Will Exercise Help Me Lose Weight Faster?

In the last post I already covered how the concept of calorie counting works in regards to losing weight. Now lets say for example, you have just figured out that your body burns 2500 calories a day to maintain your weight and you’ve decided to consume 2000 calories a day to shed a couple pounds.…

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Sample Healthy Meals…

Before I tell you what to eat it’s important to know how much to eat. Everything you consume should be in moderation. Using a fist size portion is usually the best way to guess how much you should be eating. If you are going to be eating chicken, veggies and rice as a meal. The…

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Getting Started…

Getting started is without a doubt the most important step to achieving any goal. Step one is defining your goal. Do you want to just loose a few pounds? Tone up for the summer? Live a healthy life style? All of these are legitimate goals. Most of us want all of these things to some…

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