Craig Ballantyne: Create a Perfect Day- EP. 91

Craig Ballantyne: Create a Perfect Day- EP. 91

Do you ever feel that the days goes by and you spend all your time on what needs to “get done” but have no time left for the things that you feel are actually important.  In this week’s podcast, Craig Ballantyne, author of the “The Perfect Day Formula”, will transform you by helping you to discover what is truly important and how to create an empowering and healthful life.

First, host Rob Dionne, and his wife, Devon Dionne, discuss clean eating and how the 80/20 rule can either be a tool towards a balanced life or used as an excuse to prevent you from achieving what you truly desire.   Then, fitness expert to Men’s Health Magazine and co-owner of, Craig Ballantyne gives you simple steps on how to find a sense of internal freedom.

Having once been admitted into the hospital for debilitating anxiety attacks, Craig realized he need a huge change in his world.  Once he found a sense of internal peace,  he wanted to share and bring his knowledge to others.  You will learn the skills of how to organize your day and your thoughts to help ease and calm that anxious voice in your head.  Ahhh, that sounds nice doesn’t it?  Create a perfect day!

What You’ll Hear on This Episode

0:00    Open Sky Fitness Introduction
1:13      Opening Remarks
3:29     Clean Eating and 80/20 Rule
4:15      What is clean eating
7:22     Proper application 80/20
14:50   How consciousness applies to goals and weight loss.
16:10    Who is the 80/20 rule meant for?
23:26   Interview with Craig Ballantyne
26:45    Craig’s path to “The Perfect Day Formula”
28:30   The three Stages of “the formula”
31:00    Stage 1: Control your morning
32:40    Following rules leads to health and internal freedom
37:35    Stage 2:  Coping
42:00   Changing habits to be congruent with what you want?
46:23    The benefits of Brain Dumping and scheduling
49:47    Craig’s personal path to dealing with his debilitating anxiety
53:40    The 5 Pillars of Transformation
58:40    A day with Craig Ballantyne
1:03:10  Craig’s favorite indulgences and what matters most
1:04:42  Where to find Craig
1:05:56  Closing Remarks
1:07:21  Open Sky Fitness Closing


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