Crushing Chest and Back Workout Routine

I was about to start my chest and back workout the other day and invited one of the trainers at the gym to join me. He was free and gladly excepted my invitation. It’s just more fun and motivating to workout with a partner sometimes.

What was interesting about this workout was how much this other trainer was crushed within the first 15 minutes. It’s not like I would have invited someone to lift with me who couldn’t keep up, so I was feeling pretty good about the quality of this workout by the end. I was definitely a little sore the following day, but this other trainer said his chest and back were torn up.

Without further adieu here my Chest & Back Workout. Don’t worry about copying and pasting, I’ve created a easy downloadable Crusher Chest & Back Workout Routine PDF you can print and take to the gym with you.

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4 Supersets
Flat BB Chest Press 8-12 reps
Strict Pull Ups – Fail
Rest 1 Minute

Chest_Press Pull_Ups

4 Supersets
Incline DB Press 8-12 reps
Bent Over DB Rows 8-12 reps
Rest 1 Minute

Incline_Chest Bent_Over_Back_Row

4 Supersets
Cable Chest Fly 10-15 reps
Push Ups – Fail
Supermans 20 reps
Rest 1 Minute

Chest_Flys Push_Ups Supermans

Metabolic Finisher
AMRAP in 10 Minutes (As Many Rounds As Possible)
10 Burpees
10 DB Curls
10 Hanging Leg Lifts

Download Workout Now!

I’ve been doing a workout like this for the last 3 months and am loving it. Not to mention the sweet results I’m seeing.

If you’d like to try this workout, you can download a printable Crusher Chest & Back Workout Routine now by clicking on one of the buttons or this link and take your workout to the gym with you.

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