Making Vegan "Junk" Food with Lynn Chen and Leslie Durso – Ep. 29

Making Vegan “Junk” Food with Lynn Chen and Leslie Durso

Learn How to Make

Delicious Vegan Dishes!

In this episode with Leslie Durso and Lynn Chen, we talk about how to trick your taste buds into thinking you’re eating junk food, when you’re really eating vegan whole foods sent from heaven!

From bacon burgers and guacamole to nacho cheese and ice cream sandwiches, we understand what you’ve been craving! We’ll teach you how to make raw walnut chorizo, cashew nacho cheese and more.

The Actor’s Diet

We also talk about why Lynn started the Actor’s Diet after suffering for years from bulimia, anorexia and binge eating and how you can spot those behaviors in yourself and find treatment.

If you’ve ever felt shame about your body, you need to hear what Lynn has to say!

Here’s a link to Leslie’s nachos recipe, as well as how to make other vegan “junk” foods. Lynn and Leslie also recently recorded a Buzzfeed video about how to make vegan “junk” food which you can watch below:





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