Health and Fitness Secrets with Celebrity Trainer Joel Harper – Ep. 53

Health and Fitness Secrets with Celebrity Trainer Joel Harper

In this week’s episode, we have celebrity trainer Joel Harper joining us! Aside from his new book Mind Your Body, available now and everywhere, Joel has been customizing simple workouts for 18 years and his techniques are known for producing fast results.

Joel Harper

About Joel Harper

Joel has trained famous actors, musicians, Olympic athletes and even children making his methods dynamic and do-able. You can catch Joel in O Magazine, Esquire, ABC, the Dr. Oz show and much more. As Rob and Jeff say on the show, “This guy is next level personal trainer!”

In this episode the guys discuss what mental road blocks may be keeping you from achieving your fitness goals as well as how to “your body as your gym.” Joel shares some great moves for optimal toning, and gaging your own fitness, without any equipment!

Health & Fitness Secrets

Joel tells the guys about his personal journey of transforming the kid that was always skinny, to model, to the fitness guru he is today. He gives us details on innovative mental training methods in his new book that helped him achieve these goals, and most importantly how each of us can do the same.

This interview goes on and exposes how to strengthen personal traits you already have in order to optimize health. Jeff asks, “ Joel, do you think that somebody that struggles with laziness has the ability to change?”
Good news for us, Joel says yes! “Everybody I know has weaknesses, but it is about building on those weaknesses and moving forward.”

This is great for anyone that wants to become a personal trainer, figure out their own mental roadblocks, or is interested in learning new physical, nutritional, mental health methods! Do we have you hooked? Tune in to get these fitness secrets from Joel Harper himself.

Work With Joel Harper

In the New York City Area?
Visit Joel at his private studio in Midtown near 42nd and 9th street, Joel says he loves to connect people of the same fitness levels to create bonds, challenges and friendships!

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Joel’s Challenge For You:

Joel’s challenge for our listeners to start today:
1) Get in touch with the feeling you have felt the MOST this past month, positive or negative!
2) Then pick one feeling you want to move towards and focus on it daily.


You can purchase Mind Your Body wherever books are sold!

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