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Family Trends: Generational Nutrition – Ep 138



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Generational Nutrition: Setting Your Family Up for Health Success


“Your relationship with food directly comes from your family. What you eat now is a mirror image of what kind of diet you had as a child.” – Rob Dionne


Without even realizing it, our eating habits may have been passed down to us from our grandparents and parents. What we ate as a child and maybe even now can go generations back. Fortunately, we have the awesome opportunity to stop the poor nutrition pattern and transition into making healthier choices.

On this week’s episode of Open Sky Fitness, Rob and Devon discuss generational nutrition. Children pay a lot of attention to what their parents do including what they eat and their relationship with food. Today, Rob and Devon explore how parents can be a positive or negative influence on their child’s future eating habits. However, parents also have to ability to improve their family’s health. Learn what simple changes parents can make to help the entire family become healthy and how to teach their child to make good choices.


How Do Families Begin Poor Eating Habits?


“In American culture, we just think that when we’re hungry, any type of ‘food’ can sustain us. However, that ‘food’ could be labeled as many things that are processed and unhealthy. Food isn’t supposed to make you unhealthy. Food is supposed to nourish you. It’s supposed to feed you; it’s supposed to give you vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, and micronutrients.” – Devon Dionne


Time and Convenience

Our nutrition habits might not only be based on what our grandparents cooked for our parents. Time and convenience can play a huge role as well.

In a two-parent household where both parents work or a single-parent household, no one may have the time or energy to buy ingredients, prepare the meal, and clean up the plates. That’s when convenient foods like ordering out pizza or picking up fast food can become part of the regular routine.


The Relationship with Food or Beverages

We can easily associate food with good memories or bad memories. A good memory might be baking cookies with your mom or watching someone prepare a delicious meal. A bad memory could be a parent who decides to drink alcohol or eat their emotions rather than deal with their problems and properly take care of themselves.

Child learn from watching and listening to what they parents say. So depending on the relationship that our parents had with food and beverages, we may either have the same relationship or we’ve been impacted in a different manner.

  • If your parent was controlling, you may become controlling as well and especially around food.
  • If you didn’t feel loved, you may feel that you don’t deserve love and so you deprive yourself of food.
  • You might not have learned a good way to handle your feelings and so you may “eat your emotions.”
  • Whether your parents may have felt happy, depressed, or mad through out their lives, you might have picked up on the same attitude.
  • If your parents were “fatphobic” (meaning they believed fat people were less than they were), you may have tried to avoid gaining weight at all costs out of fear that they wouldn’t love you anymore.


 How Can We Become Healthy for Life?


“Be realistic and give yourself self-love. It takes work and focus to change. It can be hard because this is a life change.” – Devon Dionne


To start, don’t be too hard on yourself because none of this is your fault. You may not have received the right information about health when you were younger, but now you can take action and turn your life around.

If you’ve followed yo-yo diets throughout your life, you need to realize that being healthy is for life. Be realistic and nice to yourself because it takes small steps and creating good habits to get in the best shape of your life. It doesn’t happen overnight with a “magic diet or pill.”


“You can’t learn to be healthy unless someone teaches you how to do it.” – Rob Dionne


5 Steps to Begin a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Learn and try to teach yourself how to be healthy with good habits:
    1. Seek out reliable health information
    2. Read about proper nutrition and fitness (not one-fix diets or workout machines, but about real food and healthy fitness that you can include in your daily schedule)
  2. Reach out to experts that can help and guide you with making changes in your life:
    1. Holistic Nutritionist
    2. Therapist
    3. Fitness Trainer
  3. Self-help and pay attention to your body’s changes with the following tactics:
    1. Keep a food journal
    2. Start a bullet journal
    3. Create positive affirmations
    4. Focus on positive reflections of yourself and your accomplishments
    5. Pray
    6. Meditate
    7. Write in a gratitude journal
  4. Create one habit at a time that’s very easy to commit yourself to do every day such as:
    1. Drink 80 – 100 oz of water everyday
    2. Eat 1 more vegetable
    3. Walk for 30 minutes
  5. Preparing yourself to be healthy:
    1. Meal prep
    2. Batch cooking
    3. Make healthy lunches for your kids


“If you haven’t learned to have a healthy mindset from your family or your school, where do you learn it from? Go seek a professional that can help. Choose someone who has spent time in school learning about how to teach people how to have a healthy thought process about themselves.” – Devon Dionne





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What You’ll Hear on This Episode

00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:15  Opening comments with Rob and Devon

2:30 Join our March Madness Challenge!

7:00  Family Trends and Generational Nutrition

9:00 How we can get caught up in an unhealthy cycle like our parents

12:00 New information can be exhausting, but you have to be willing to make the change.

14:00 Rob’s nutrition  and typical dinner when he was a child.

17:10 How do families begin to create these habits and what are they?

20:00  The eating habits Devon’s family had when she was growing up

22:00  Why we need to teach children to eat nutritional foods

25:00  How our family relates to food

32:00  How do we change the course and start feeling valuable and that we deserve to be healthy?

33:45 Where to begin to get healthy

44:10 Closing comments with Rob and Devon

45:00  Open Sky Fitness Closing



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