Franz Snideman-How to Become a Sprinter

Franz Snideman: How to Become a Sprinter-Ep. 92

To become a sprinter, sometimes you have to start with the basics. Today, Rob talked to Franz Snideman who is a former collegiate sprinter and the co-owner of Revolution Fitness. Franz believes that sprinting is key to becoming healthier and stronger.

Tips to Become a Sprinter

Franz is an expert at running and sprinting for beginners and shared his tips and insights with us on the show including:

  • How properly learn how to run.
  • Where to go when you run.
  • What running shoe is best for you to wear.
  • How fast you should sprint on speed days

It was a really fascinating conversation and Franz told us how and why crawling, sprinting, and marching exercises are great for not only fitness purposes, but to improve the function of the brain as well. Whether you’ve been running for years or are eager to get started, this episode will really help benefit your fitness.

About Franz Snideman

Franz has also authored and edited several books, as well as produced a series of training DVD’s. Drawing on his passion in healthy living, athleticism, knowledge and appreciation of human development, anatomy and personal experience, he co-developed the dynamic Primal Speed System as well as Primal Move Velocity.

Franz believes in the fundamental importance of educating and coaching his clients in safe, healthy and holistic athleticism. Coupled with impeccable attention to detail, bio-mechanical understanding and skill in accommodating and adapting training regimes to support and enhance individual’s unique abilities and needs, he is personal coach to clients and professional athletes. He lectures internationally, driven to share his knowledge and skill, theoretically and practically.

Franz is a Senior Strength Matters Kettlebell Instructor, Ground Force National Instructor, former Collegiate Sprinter and International Lecturer. He is a student of nutrition, Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Primal Move Kids and Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology.

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What You’ll Hear on This Episode

0:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

1:13  Opening Remarks

1:55  Tips on How to Sleep Better from Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Tips to Sleep Your Way To a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success by Shawn Stevenson.                          

7:08  How to decrease your coffee intake to be naturally energized .                                                       

8:40  Train your body to know that it’s nighttime to sleep better. 

11:00 How alcohol takes a toll on your sleep cycle and how to ease off of it.

15:30  Introduction to Franz Snideman

16:20  How Franz got involved in athletics and running as a child, high school and beyond.

20:15  Work on speed continuously to become fast.

23:12  The mechanics and learning benefits of sprinting for your body and brain.

26:46  The body types of endurance and sprinter runners: how to burn fat and gain lean muscle.

29:28  The importance of the cross crawl exercise and how it triggers brain function in children and adults.

31:20  How crawling can help a person become a faster runner.

33:05  How to do a good march or crawl for better sprinting and health benefits.

38:05  How to stay within your base of support to become a better runner.

40:30  Why do we have to train to learn how to run?

41:35  Franz’s tips on what exercises to do to learn how to run.

42:30  Why sprinting can be really good for distance runners.

44:25   How often should someone be sprinting? What should my workout look like?

48:05 Why you should not run at 100% on your speed workout day.

48:40 How to do a tempo workout for longer sprinting days.

50:17  How to properly include sprinting  or fast activity into your workout for weight loss.

51:40  How to do a running A’s exercise to learn how to properly run.

53:55  Where’s the best place to run for beginners?

56:41  What type of shoes should runners wear?

59:35  How can people maximize their fitness results with nutrition?

1:09:58  Primal Speed and Sprinting Course: Learn how to sprint and improve other skills with Franz

1:12:21  Closing Remarks by Rob

1:13:30  Open Sky Fitness Closings


Check out Shawn’s book: Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Tips to Sleep Your Way To a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success
Do you want to learn more about Franz’s sprinting training?:  Primal Speed and Sprinting Course:
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