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Zach Bitter:The Life of An Ultrarunner Open Sky Fitness Podcast

Zach Bitter: The Life of an Ultrarunner -Ep 130

  “When you get intuitive with your body, you can be honest with yourself. That honesty and intuition really have to couple together and that will be your map to help you understand where your body is going.”- Zach Bitter Join The Open Sky Fitness Podcast Group! That’s right! We have a closed Open Sky Fitness Podcast…

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Dr. Mike Young: Is Competition the Key to Success? Open Sky Fitness

Dr. Mike Young: Is Competition the Key to Success? -Ep. 114

Download the OSF Food Journal Now! “If you’re not competing; you’re not competing. Which means that if you’re not looking for an opportunity to win, then sometimes you’ll never give yourself a good chance to actually win.”– Dr. Mike Young This week, I had a great discussion with  Director of Performance and Research for Athletic…

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Selene Yeager Evolution of the Fitness World Open Sky FItness

Selene Yeager: The Evolution of the Fitness World-Ep.113

What’s Happening In Your Fitness World? “Life is happening to you right now; you might as well embrace it.”– Selene Yeager   Before you jump into listening to my interview with Selene Yeager about The Evolution of the Fitness World, take a moment to think about what’s going on with your own health and wellness. Are…

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Hunger McIntyre: Evolution of a Spartan Athlete

Hunter McIntrye: Evolution of a Spartan Athlete-Ep. 99

We had two special guests on this week’s episode of the Open Sky Fitness Podcast. One of our previous guests, Evan Dollard, teamed up with Rob to talk to fellow extreme obstacle athlete, Hunter McIntyre. Evan was the 2008 male winner of American Gladiators and also competed on American Ninja Warrior 2. Hunter is Spartan…

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Franz Snideman-How to Become a Sprinter

Franz Snideman: How to Become a Sprinter-Ep. 92

To become a sprinter, sometimes you have to start with the basics. Today, Rob talked to Franz Snideman who is a former collegiate sprinter and the co-owner of Revolution Fitness. Franz believes that sprinting is key to becoming healthier and stronger. Tips to Become a Sprinter Franz is an expert at running and sprinting for beginners and…

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Interview with American Gladiator and Ninja Warrior Evan Dollard – Ep. 52

Rob and Jeff delve into a topic we are all familiar with—body image. The guys discuss how our views on looking “fit” have changed through the use different social media platforms. Rob brings up the point that a person can be qualified as physically fit if they look the part, but should we base fitness of more than just a great Instagram selfie? Well, yes. It’s important to do more than just look the part.

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