How to Gain Weight Fast-Ep. 90

How to Gain Weight Fast-Ep. 90

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This week, Rob has taken the time to look at some of the different questions you have asked him. On this week`s Open Sky Fitness Podcast, he`s here to help you learn how to gain weight fast. If you’ve struggled with being too thin and want to find a healthy way to gain weight and muscle, Rob has three things to focus on: nutrition, workout, and sleep.

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What you will hear in this episode:

00:00 Open Sky Fitness Introduction

3:30  Intro to how to gain weight fast.

4:58  Why do you want to gain weight?

6:44  Why can`t some of us gain weight?

7:45  Women who are afraid of putting on muscle: Muscles can be a beautiful thing.

8:30  Creating a strategy to gain weight.

8:55  Three major things to focus on to gain weight

9:50  How do we gain weight properly when we eat?

10:15  How to properly count calories.

14:10 Drinking water tips to be able to eat more calories.

15:00 What types of food to eat to gain healthy weight.

21:10 Benefits of weight-gaining shakes.

22:40  How to trick your body to gain weight by eating both small and big meals each day.

23:20  Feel free to eat after dinner to help gain weight.

24: 15  How to gain muscle mass by lifting heavy weights.

27: 35  long distance cardio vs. short bursts and HIIT training to gain weight.

29:35  Make sure you get enough sleep and recovery time to gain weight.

34:30  Closing Remarks by Rob.

37:10 Open Sky Fitness Closing


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